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Treasures of the Snow

“Treasures of the Snow”

Job 38:22; 37:5-13

    A well-known comedian begins his monologue each week with the words, “Here’s what everyone’s talking about.” Well, it’s not hard to figure what the talk around middle Tennessee has been this past week: the weather—“snow!” We’ve had the worst snow storm in 28 years—over 8”. Schools closed, businesses closed, mail did not run. Ten mile back up on interstates. Middle Tennessee and much of the nation paralyzed and rendered helpless by snow! Will Rogers used to say: “Everyone’s talking about the weather, but no one’s doing anything about it!”

   A little boy in Georgia saw his first snow this past week. He looked out his window and called to his mother, “Mamma, come quick! The whole world’s covered with grits!” Let’s see what the Bible says about snow. Job 38:22 talks about the “treasures” of the snow:

Snow Is a Treasure Because of Its Provider.  Where does the snow come from? Job 37:6 tells us—“God says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth.’” Job 37:10 says “By the breath of God ice is given.” Scientists and meteorologists tell us snow is produced by the action of cold upon vapors high above the earth. Water vapor in the clouds freezes, then fall to the earth. The temperature has to be just right (below freezing) to produce the snow crystals. The crystals get heavier, then fall—and, as they fall, they pick up moisture in the atmosphere and become heavier and more visible. We treasure the snow because God is the Provider and controls the atmosphere.

Snow Is a Treasure Because of Its Peculiarity. There are 10 or more categories of snowflakes. Each snow flake has six or more sides. Under a microscope, snowflakes may look like stars, needles, trees, or other objects. There are trillions upon trillions of snowflakes, but No Two Snowflakes Are Alike! Each one is unique and peculiar. Each one has its own shape and identity. Think of all the billions of people who have lived before today, think of the billions who are on the earth today, and think of the billions who will be born in the future—No Two People Are Alike! Finger prints are different, footprints are different, and even eye balls are unique from anyone else. You are a prescription baby! 1 Cor.4:7 says, “For who makes you differ from another?” We are all different and special to God.

Snow Is a Treasure Because of Its Productivity. Prov. 25:13 tells us snow can be a blessing because it refreshes. Scientists say the snow picks up Nitrogen in the air and then dispenses it on the earth as it melts—thus aiding in the productivity of the ground. Snow makes an impact. It has an influence. But it cannot remain in the clouds—it has to fall to be used. Even so with man—we begin with the Father, also, but to be most productive, we must fall before God in humility to be exalted and fall before God in prayer. Try it! Give yourself to specific and regular prayer and see if God doesn’t increase the productivity of your life and open doors for you to serve.  Also, concerning productivity, have you noticed how we leave fresh tracks in the snow? After a beautiful snowfall, when you walk across the pure snow, you leave indelible tracks for others to see. What kind of tracks are you leaving? As a parent? A worker? A Church member?

Snow Is a Treasure Because of Its Power. One-third of the world’s water used for irrigation comes from the snow. Snow powers the great rivers of the West: Rio Grande, Colorado, Missouri, and Colombia. The great power of the snow is seen in its Unity. You see those little, delicate snowflakes floating down and you think, “Why those little things can’t hurt anything or anyone.” But they keep coming by the millions and billions and trillions—and the laws of cohesion and chemical affinity take hold—and they bond and bind together—a picture of great unity! New York City had 30” of snow and our greatest city came to a standstill because of all those little insignificant snowflakes binding together—4 great airports closed! In the Church just one or a few of us may not make much difference: but if enough prayed, if enough fully got right with God, if enough spoke up for the Lord, if enough gave our tithes—there would be a spiritual explosion! The snow has great power in unity!

Snow Is a Treasure Because of Its Passage. One of the amazing things about the snow is its transiency. The snow is here for a short time, fulfills its purpose, and then it melts away (37:12). Here in Middle Tennessee we saw 8” and I thought it might never leave! But then, the sun came out, the temperature rose, and a rain came—most of the snow left in a day, melted, mixed into the earth, never to be seen again. Do you see the application for us? Like the snow, we do not remain, retain, or return. We are like a “vapor that appears for a short time and then vanishes away” (James 4:14). We “soon fly away” (Ps. 90:10). Man “comes forth like a flower, then fades away; he fleas like a shadow and does not continue” (Job 13:1-2). Only one life and that soon past---only what’s done for Christ will last.

Snow Is a Treasure Because of Its Purity. I was raised in Central Florida and I thought the sun was bright there—of the sands of the orange groves and the beaches. But when I got to Tennessee and experienced the sun shining off the snow—wow! What brightness! THE SNOW IS THE STANDARD FOR ABSOLUTE WHITENESS! Snow symbolizes complete, essential righteousness (see Dan.7:9; Mark 9:3; Rev. 1:14). Snow symbolizes purity—remember the saying, “Pure as the driven snow.” Just like the beautiful white wedding gown symbolizes the purity of the bride. Remember when David sinned with Bathsheba and penned his confession Psalm 51—he said “Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow” (v. 7). When Job was getting right with God, he said, “If I wash myself with snow water and cleanse my hands with soap” (9:30). Remember how Isaiah begged Israel to get right with God: “Come now, let us reason together, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow” (1:18). When we confess our sins, the blood of Jesus forgives our sins and makes our heart, mind, conscience, and standing with God—white as snow!

     The snow is a treasure in its Provider, Peculiarity, Productivity, Power, Passage, and Purity. Marlon Brando was once a famous actor—young, trim, and handsome. A million girls dreamed of having him. At the end of his life, he weighed almost 400 pounds. He said, “I’m sorry for all the harm I’ve done and for all the troubles I’ve brought to others in my life. I’ve never been a good husband or parent. I’ve been too busy with my own life to have time for others. Now I’m a guilty old man who is ashamed of the kind of life I’ve led. There’s nothing left for me except eating!”  It’s a shame that Marlon Brando has not met the God Who can wash him whiter than snow!

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